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An outstanding user experience is essential for any software end-user – be it your customers or internal users for a business application. A functional, easy-to-use interface will support your brand value and guide them through the desired business process. We build web solutions that are:

  • Interactive and Engaging
  • Cross-platform Compatible
  • Attractive
  • High Performing

our front-end development SERVICES

Our experienced front-end developers can ensure your web app or website is responsive and user-focused. You want the same experience across all different browsers and devices. Web development best practices and technologies also evolve over time so with us you can be sure the latest techniques and standards are applied to optimize the performance. Whether we are talking about a business critical application or conversion rates for your online business, stability and scalability have a crucial role.

If you need to find skilled front-end developers or outsource web development projects, Shinetech is your partner. We have created applications ranging from mobile apps for sporting fans to enterprise web portals and high traffic eCommerce sites, so we understand the needs and differences of the business environments.

We use the best combination from the fundamental technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript and latest frameworks such as Bootstrap, AngularJS, Node.js and ReactJS.

Our Project Experience:

Responsive Website for a Global Travel Agent

Our client’s local websites were originally designed for desktop use, so our team developed a new responsive and mobile-friendly front-end solution. The back-end system was developed in PHP, and for the front-end our team used Bootstrap, JavaScript and HTML.

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Our primary consideration was the user experience optimization but also easy integration to the backend. The website offers a lot of rich content; visitors can browse for destination information, plan vacations based on different themes, find travel deals and customize and book their trips. Our team implemented new solutions to make the search much more intuitive. We also integrated the site our client’s social media channels to offer better 24/7 customer service and drive more potential traffic to the site.