Uncover better ways to incorporate testing into your software development. Our Agile testing teams help ensure the brilliant solutions you build also meet your quality and release targets.

Shinetech Agile Testing

Efficiency, Reliability, HIGH STANDARDS

Agile testing is an integral part of the software development and coding process, allowing your development team to work at a sustainable pace and increasing your time-to-market capabilities. When testing is not left to the very end of the project, it eases the pressure and continuously drives your business to better quality management.

With the Shinetech Agile testing team, you can have high-speed, on-demand software testing carried out on your software applications and digital platforms, and we are ready to start immediately. 

  • 30 full-time senior Agile testers
  • 200 testing projects delivered
  • 300 clients around the world
  • Most of our clients have worked with us for more than 3 years

Organizational velocity is your ultimate competitive advantage.

At Shinetech we work at the velocity of your business, as your partner. We have a proven track record of providing Agile IT solutions for digital enterprises and consulting firms, large and small. We work with companies with their own in-house IT teams as well as outsourced teams to expand their capabilities and efficiency. 

Apply Deep Expertise to Support Quality Outcomes

Our expert team of cross-functional Agile testers works in parallel with the development team, following the incremental and iterative methodology and using the latest advanced technologies. They actively identify any issues and make sure those are addressed timely and also translated into better practices that support the overall quality. This close collaboration enables continuous communication and interaction, leading to a better alignment of the project quality goals and a faster software product development cycle and QA process.

Our QUALITY Assurance & Methodology

We Do More Than Just Testing

  • We think from end-users’ side to choose the testing tool and tailor the test plan. We carry out requirement and strategy analysis in advance to avoid future risks.
  • We supply professional automation skill to improve testing efficiency and software quality.
  • We design test cases and scripts with management tools that fit in the user scenarios and environment, keep it simple and effective, transparent and flexible.
  • We collaborate with developers and product owner closely, work out solution to make product better.
  • We provide detailed reporting, continuous feedback and improvement to help developers improve code quality.


Shinetech Agile testing services helped Europe’s largest online restaurant booking platform to reduce their test cycle time and achieve timely delivery.


Testing Tools That We Master

We specialize in many kinds of testing tools like Selenium, Ghost Inspector, Appium, Quick Test Profession, SoapUI, LoadRunner, JMeter etc. We also use some very effective CI server tools like Jenkins and Bamboo to automate build testing and integration. Our test engineers write scripts with languages like C#, Java, Python and Javascript.

Seamless Integration With Your Preferred
Project Management Tools


Binguo Yang
Tech Lead & Scrum Master


Tony Su
Software Engineer Lead


Zoey Zhang
Senior QA & Testing Specialist



Our Agile testing team is highly experienced in website, web apps, mobile apps, and software testing. We ensure your digital resources meet both yours and the industry standards, and we make testing and ongoing maintenance more cost-effective for your business.

Our Insight

Agile Testing Strategy: How Automated Testing Fits in Agile Development

By Tyler Tan

When talking about agile informally, I define it as simply as fast response and action of our team. However, the functionality a team delivers in a sprint, a team’s ability to turn ideas into new functionality, the quality of the final products, these all should be count in the concept of agile. This makes me believe that QA should be a perfectionist, yielding the best returns on client investment at velocity. And without automated testing, it would be hard for you to work Agile.

In the Agile development cycle, our QA team usually releases a updated version on a weekly basis based on the revised functionality and new features added; our role is to test new features to work on the platform whilst making sure the existing functionality run stably, adopting automated testing methods on a daily basis. For the healthy status of the project, we check the automated testing reports as the first thing on the day to avoid malfunction of existing features, utilise the reports to find out the coding problem. With repetitive automated testing, we can ensure all features work steadily before each release efficiently. Sometimes we will also carry out smoke test for further assurance.

We always believe that we need to create meaningful tests and select the best efficient and effective testing method. It is also highly important we make the testing results and historical trends visible to everyone and make more informed decisions on the product.


  • Complete range of testing and QA services
  • Ready to start in 24 hours and help team with product releases every one or two weeks
  • Flexible and extendable working hours and dedicated talents with in-demand skills and experience
  • Transparent, clear and collaborative process
  • Overlapping working hours with your business
  • Informative and insightful testing reports
  • Custom testing strategy tailored to your team and project needs


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