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case studies

Fourworkx: A Web-based Forecasting Solution for Sizeable Contact Centers

Fourworkx set out to create a web-based forecasting solution that utilizes "big data" to optimize the workload forecast (e.g. inbound call, e-mail, etc.) by applying advanced statistical methods specifically for customer service organizations, but the company needed an experienced partner to assist with the development. Shinetech's expertise in software development and Agile development methodology helped bring Fourworkx's design from the drawing table to the cloud.


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Secure Medical: Seamless ODC collaboration with U.S.-based healthcare systems provider

What started out as a small .NET application development project turned into a four year collaboration, during which Shinetech provided an Offshore Development Center (ODC) and .NET application expertise for an industry-leading healthcare systems provider.


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Allgeier (formerly 1eEurope): Agile Team Collaboration Results in Resource Management Optimization

As a leading provider of sophisticated and versatile SharePoint and Microsoft solutions, Swiss-based 1eEurope needed an agile and reliable offshore outsourcing partner to meet the requirements of a complex, global IT development project. Flexibility, accuracy and speed were critical to success of the project. Together with 1eEurope, Shinetech built a 10-person team of experts to develop a .Net 2008 technology with strong logic ability in processing large SQL Server databases.


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Detroit Diesel: Powering Through a Successful System Migration

With more than 5 million engines built since 1938, Detroit Diesel has a solid reputation as a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty powerplants. Completing a trouble-free system migration from C++ to C# was critical to their success and maintaining their customers' trust. Using an ODC service delivery model, Shinetech development team successfully migrate the system in the first year, and engaged in individualized testing to guarantee the quality of deliveries for Detroit Diesel.


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Optimizing a Web-based Order Management System

Our client was looking to replace an existing desktop application and ensure their new web-based solution could provide easy access, improved user experience and reliable performance. Shinetech conducted an architecture review and continued on to develop the recommended improvements to simplify and enhance current features.


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Maintaining and Enhancing a Leading Automative Parts Platform

Our client runs an online global marketplace for automotive parts dealers and consumers, supporting many leading manufacturers. When the client decided to update their platform to provide a better user experience, they turned to Shinetech to add enhanced features and take over maintenance responsibilities.


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Livebookings: Development of Europe's Largest Restaurant Booking System

Livebookings is a UK based online restaurant reservations and marketing company committed to helping restaurants to become more profitable. They have a team of 50 in house developers and outsource the non-core products offshore to reduce the development cost. Shinetech built an offshore development team to assist client in their product development. During our three year collaboration several SaaS products were completed and successfully launched to the markets.


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System Maintenance and Support for a Medical Device Manufacturer

Our client was using three separate systems to manage product registration, inventory, and labeling at their regional headquarters in Hong Kong. When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) introduced new labeling requirements for healthcare products, Shinetech took over from a previous vendor to help the client integrate and transform their system to meet the new FDA standards, while adding new functions to increase efficiency.


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Providing Easy Cash Access Services and Speed-to-Market Delivery

Our client was looking to expand their existing terminals into user-friendly kiosks offering ATMs, Cash Advances, and Check Cashing. They needed a reliable partner who could quickly implement the new features and test the enhanced kiosks. Shinetech completed the feature enhancements, continued with development and QA work, and has established a long-term collaborative relationship with the client.


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Cloud Application in Retail Management Product Boosts Client's Business

A New Zealand business that provides a range of retail management products-widely used throughout Asia Pacific, U.K. and the U.S.-needed a system upgrade for end-to-end retail management products used in a hybrid cloud environment. Shinetech formed a four-member team to work on system development. Using agile methodologies, the team maintained close communication with the client's IT department leader and project manager and build a new cloud product.


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Agile Team Collaboration Results in Resource Management Optimization

The client, a custom software development company, has a potential customer that provides cargo services for different countries around the world. The potential customer used an internal logistics management system to manage customer relationships and diversify cargo data, but was lacking a way to involve external agents or shippers in the logistic process.


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A Hotel Reservation System for Langley Travel AB

Langley, founded in 1984, under the name of Ski Tignes, is one of the largest tour operators in Scandinavia. It offers active holidays with warm personal service. Langley operates 16 hotels and resorts in the French Alps, Corsica, Crete and Guadeloupe under the name of Langley Hotels where guests are offered attentive, personalized service, great food and family like hospitality. With growing of its business, Langley needed a new reservation register system to better serve their clients.


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Development of a Mobile Application for Race Track Enthusiasts

Avant Garde Associates Limited (Avant Garde) needed an interactive, feature-rich mobile application that would allow users to track, analyze, and share their race track performance. The UK-based company was looking for an outsourcing partner that could provide ongoing support and maintenance before, during, and after the app’s launch. Shinetech Europe’s experience in pairing established offshore development teams with onshore project management helped bring this mobile app from the drawing board to the iTunes Store.


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Developed New Solutions to Support a Leading Global Manufacturer Of Custom Carpets

Our client’s own proprietary sales solution needed improvements. Shinetech developed a series of solutions and quickly enhanced operations, resulting in more advanced tools to assist the sales teams throughout the process, from the display of carpet designs to production tracking.


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