Shinetech is your great partner when looking to expand capacity of development teams with senior independently working developers. The developers work with you or your IT team closely to accomplish your company’s goals or make your ideas happen.


You will be working with a small team comprised of 1 to 5 Shinetech developers, strictly no junior or intermediate guys and no freelancers. The developers have a minimum of 5 years’ project experience. Each of them serves one client at a time, working independently alongside clients from the conception phase to final delivery. They can lead the business requirements analysis and prioritization, carefully considering your best technical options. This includes creating a road map for the development phase and aligning the project with your business needs to ensure a user-friendly, reliable solution.


We believe that in-person communication is vital for the team to avoid misunderstandings or inefficiency in information exchange. After the interview and trial process, your chosen developer will be sent to work with you for one to two weeks. We aim to establish and share good working relationships which will enhance future communication, cooperation and confidence working together.


You will quickly get to know each member of the team, understand each other’s roles and have a clear scope of work with regular updates. We believe a great and stable small team relies on trust that is built on transparency and productivity. We use tools such as Trello, Slack and Github to ensure the communication and project management is meaningful and highly responsive.


We follow the Agile Development Process and try the best agile practices amongst the team and with clients. Based on your user stories or similar requirements, we deliver visible working software in iterations of one or two weeks. Unconditional refund is offered if you are not satisfied with deliveries.

We know it is not easy to choose an outsourcing partner, over 50% of our business comes from clients who have had poor experience working with other development teams in the past and want us to redo their project or take over development. Let’s start in steps from 1 developer to see whether Shinetech is the one in your mind.

  • Select from CVs
  • Take a one-week trial with the selected developer
  • Meet him in person in your company working environment for further estimate for one or two weeks

Please contact us to learn more about our services.