Manufacturing flexibility…it’s a core competitive advantage your company needs in today’s marketplace. Shinetech can help you gain the edge by developing solutions that can optimize and manage your costs, supply chain, production process, and resource allocation.

We collaborate with our clients to develop customized software and systems that are easy to operate, stable and reliable. We have experience in ERP systems, product portfolio management, inventory and warehouse management and shipping, quality management and customer relationship management.


Technology is now essential to creating unique, satisfying customer experiences that will keep your business growing. We have helped our clients build B2B and B2C solutions that are rich in features, technically powerful and attractive in design, including many e-commerce websites and retail management and POS systems.

We provide design, development and maintenance services, and can offer technology advice to help you choose a suitable e-commerce platform for your business.

CASE STUDY | 02.16.2015

Fourworkx: A Web-based
Forecasting Solution for
Sizeable Contact Centers

Fourworkx set out to create a web-based forecasting solution that utilizes "big data" to optimize the workload forecast (e.g. inbound call, e-mail, etc.) by applying advanced statistical methods specifically for customer service organizations, but the company needed an experienced partner to assist with the development. Shinetech's expertise in software development and Agile development methodology helped bring Fourworkx's design from the drawing table to the cloud.


Financial Services

In a highly competitive industry that requires you to carefully assess risks and potential, you need IT systems that support the business decision process quickly and efficiently. New regulatory compliance requirements also need to be implemented and new analytics enable better tracking of the performance and market behavior.

In this ever-challenging environment, Shinetech works with financial services clients to create solutions that meet higher requirements for the flexibility and scalability of enterprise systems, while delivering quality customer service. We have experience in building systems for financial project management and loan/mortgage applications, as well as maintenance and development for financial software products and trading platforms.



Today’s healthcare industry is facing a variety of complex challenges, from new regulations to increased pressure to deliver better patient care with fewer resources.

CONTACT US Information technology is playing a key role in helping healthcare providers meet these new demands. Shinetech has worked with both private and public healthcare providers to create complete solutions. We’ve developed systems that include tools for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) management, patient communication and appointment booking, as well as data warehousing.

Hospitality and Travel

We’re ready to fly. Shinetech’s team of professionals has years of experience creating solutions for this global industry. We have developed restaurant and hotel booking systems, enabled travel agencies to reach new markets with their online tour package services, and helped clients improve operational efficiency by integrating booking engines with CRM and financial solutions.


While manufacturing companies pursue faster, simpler and better industrial production, smart digital services can also help standardize, streamline and simplify the process. Shinetech has delivered several customized solutions for the automotive industry, including an auto parts and supplier management system and an e-commerce/supply chain management system for parts.


Maintaining and Enhancing a Leading Automotive Parts Platform


Our client runs an online global marketplace for automotive parts dealers and consumers, supporting many leading manufacturers. When the client decided to update their platform to provide a better user experience, they turned to Shinetech to add enhanced features and take over maintenance responsibilities