Mr. Jerry Zhang
President & General Manager

As the founder and general manager of Shinetech, Jerry is responsible for the strategic direction of the company. Critical factors to Shinetech's success are his commitment to honesty and the channeling of his active and enthusiastic personality into the company spirit.

Jerry considers “Agile” to be a mindset and an attitude, not only a development methodology. From 2011, he has been committed to leading Shinetech as an Agile enterprise and empowering our people to have an Agile mindset, which goes beyond any process to permeate all activities throughout the workplace.

Prior to founding Shinetech in 2001, Jerry served as a chief editor of Internet Weekly, where he was in charge of internal management. Before joining Internet Weekly, Jerry held a technical director role at the East Changwei Company.

Jerry received a bachelor's degree in Science from Beijing Institute of Technology in 1995.

Mr. John Vanderpool
Chief Operating Officer

John joined Shinetech in 2011 and brings more than 15 years of experience as an executive in enterprise software and services companies in the US, Europe and Asia.

John's cross-functional role focuses on operational excellence within Shinetech by leveraging new business process designs and advanced technology to achieve efficiency while improving client experiences. He has a passion for helping people to become leaders and deliver value, which is an important aspect in leading the business territories.

John has served as a professional in software sales and operations for more than a decade and he is also a Certified Scrum Product Owner and an active member of the Scrum Alliance.

His favorite way to spend a vacation is to pack a few non-fiction adventure books and travel to exotic locations, immersing in the local culture. Most weekends are spent watching his boys play basketball, football and baseball.

Mr. Yanqiang Yue

Yanqiang manages Shinetech's operations, internal IT, and administration. He is responsible for streamlining Shinetech's business management and operational processes across the organization.

Yanqiang joined Shinetech when it was founded in 2001, bringing more than 10 years of experience in offshore software development. Yanqiang's experience at Shinetech began as a project manager, where he successfully managed several large-scale Shinetech projects to completion. He is experienced in numerous advanced software development methodologies including Agile Scrum and XP. In 2009, Yanqiang assumed the role of chief operating officer.

Yanqiang holds a bachelor's degree in computer software from the Xuzhou College of Architectural Technology.

Joe Fan Chongyu
Director, General Manager of Canada Branch

Joe has 10 years’ experience in software design and development as a full stack developer in Shinetech, more than 5 years’ experience in Project Management and Agile team building as Scrum Master. Strong abilities in requirement analysis, technical solutions and communications.

Coming from a strong technology background, Joe was working in our US offices for the past 3 years and now based in Vancouver, working confidently and passionately to solve any of your IT headaches and optimize your digital solutions.

Jason Guo Feng
Vice President,  Branches, Delivery Centers and Strategy

Jason supports Shinetech global Branches and Delivery Centers, he is responsible for helping managers to set up branches and operation well, including evaluating the group and resolve the challenge through coordinating resources. Also he is helping to identify and produce the high-level strategy and is responsible for implementation.

Jason joined Shinetech in 2006, he has rich experience in technical, management and executive.

Jason is a Certified Scrum Master, He holds a Master Degree in Software Engineering from Bei Hang University and got abundant training in CEI Business school and Peter Drucker academy.

Russell Yu Yang
VP of Digital Strategy

Russell Yu worked at Shinetech since year 2006. He ever worked as software developer, project manager and branch manager. He is now responsible for Shinetech IT infrastructure and information systems. His work is to make Shinetech more efficiency - analyzing the company business processes and enhancing them by optimizing information system facilities.

Russell received Software Engineering bachelor degree at Harbin Institute of Technology. His Shinetech career started from software developer, the strong technical background made him easily undertake important roles in his project and he led a few large projects to success. The project experience made him a good business analyst and project manager.

Russell is a football fancier and he especially enjoys football tactics analysis. Maybe this has something to do with his working habit.

Jack Zhang Tao
VP of Service Quality

Tao Zhang started his career as Software QA Engineer in Shinetech since 2004, has been serving over 30 clients and 100+ projects, with practical experience on service for the clients. Now he is served as Vice President, focusing on the service improvement and motivation of our talent engineers across company.

Tao Zhang received a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Technology from Beijing Institute of Technology.

Mr. Frank Zhang
Director, General Manager of UK Branch

Frank Zhang has served as Managing Director of Shinetech Europe Ltd since 2010. He is responsible for the operations of Shinetech Europe, including defining go-to-market and business strategy, business processes, technical vision, and ensuring advanced technology adoption.

Frank is a co-founder of Shinetech and has been with the company since 2001. He has been directly involved in both the management and technical aspects of many large projects. Frank also held the CTO position for 8 years and helped build the core IT system.

Prior to joining Shinetech, Frank served as the technology director at eNet Ltd, where he led an engineering team to design and develop the first mature e-commerce platform, as well as a cutting-edge content management system in China.

Frank is a Certified Scrum Master and a true believer of “Great software starts with great people.” He holds a BS degree in science from Beijing Institute of Technology. In addition to his laptop, Frank’s bag usually contains a badminton racquet. He is a very talented player and the founder of a badminton club with more than 250 members.