Product Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT at the speed of your business

We understand that developing your product is not just about creating a piece of software; it’s about introducing innovation and a competitive advantage in a market where demands change rapidly. We work with creative start-ups, small business and technology companies alike so we offer flexible engagement models and mature processes focused on your specific requirements .

Using Shinetech's software product development services can help you adopt the latest technologies and accelerate the development time-frame, reducing the time to market. You’ll have access to a highly skilled team of software engineers to turn your ideas into real software products and best of breed technical solutions.

agile and responsive. just like our people.

Our capabilities and Agile structure allow you to initiate software product development outsourcing easily, quickly and securely. The core of Shinetech’s delivery is high-performing team units of 1-8 developers, allowing them to address your needs efficiently and really concentrate on the highest value projects goals. And our experience, which includes hundreds of successful projects, speaks volumes. Shinetech development teams have vast experience across industries, technology platforms and solutions, delivering expertise throughout the whole product life cycle.

  • Best-practice development methods to provide higher development velocity and quality
  • Efficient and transparent communication with all parties involved
  • Excellent project management and progress visibility
  • Flexible contract models and ability to ramp up and down per project needs

how we deliver

We will make sure we assemble the ideal team for your outsourced product development projects, bringing in the experience and the technology skills required – from UX experts to back-end developers and database architects. And then we get to work. Our developers are focused on the results and prioritize the requirements into multiple iterations that have comparably short development times to deliver usable, tested pieces of software per iteration. The benefit of our Agile process is it is based on the business priorities, and each iteration includes a full development cycle from requirements analysis to testing. This allows you to create an MVP version quicker and makes it easier to adapt to changes and control the overall risk of the project.


    OUR experience

    Our recent projects include developing proprietary tools and solutions for a large facilities management company, using for example a wireless bar-code scanners and voice recognition to make the service process quick, easy and more error free. We have also created an intelligent farming system for an Australian software company that combines IoT technology, web apps, and GPS data to help track equipment and monitor the weather conditions in order to make the best decisions to optimize the farming output. Read more about our featured Forecasting Solution case study below.


    Fourworkx: A Web-based
    Forecasting Solution for
    Sizeable Contact Centers

    Fourworkx set out to create a web-based forecasting solution that utilizes "big data" to optimize the workload forecast (e.g. inbound call, e-mail, etc.) by applying advanced statistical methods specifically for customer service organizations, but the company needed an experienced partner to assist with the development. Shinetech's expertise in software development and Agile development methodology helped bring Fourworkx's design from the drawing table to the cloud.

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