MR/VR/AR Development

With the development of computer images, sensors, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence and other technologies, mixed reality as an integrated technology has received extensive attention in recent years. Shinetech provides strong support for customers in their product R&D and market development by applying technologies as Mix Reality(MR), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D modeling.

We have rich experience in below fields:

BIM system: Mixed reality technology is combined with BIM system, with mixed reality glasses being used to scan and acquire data on buildings, or match the stored data and present them on physical buildings, thus providing strong support for efficiency optimization of construction projects.

Home decoration/decoration: Virtual reality technology is used to allow customers to preview room effect after decoration as if they are personally on the scene, which not only helps customers better choose their favorite design scheme, but also helps designers check matching status between the design scheme and the actual construction environment, thus reducing the problems in the construction process, improving customer satisfaction and lowering construction costs.

Remote inspection and repair: After detecting equipment failure, 3D modeling is carried out for the fault equipment in conjunction with data acquisition, and then an alarm is sent to the maintenance personnel who will understand the failure by observing 3D model and data and then make maintenance plan - both reducing the time and traffic costs of the maintenance personnel for field visit and making feedback on and dealing with the failure in a timely manner so as to avoid negative effects.

We have experts in

Technologies: Unity3D, .Net core, Shaderlab, 3DMax, Substance Painter, Vuforia etc

PLatform: Microsoft Hololens, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive etc

Project experience

Intelligent Patrol System of Hololens Base Station

This project uses Microsoft Azure + HoloLens to provide base station patrol system for China Telecom. Shinetech is responsible for providing the customer with 3D modeling and software development for Hololens (mixed reality glasses) demonstration, enabling the images, signals and other data acquired by UAV through fixed point patrol flight targeting at tower base station to realize panoramic display with Hololens. The telecommunications engineer after getting a panoramic view may check base station signal detection simulation to see whether it is damaged or needs to be repaired. Hololens was demonstrated at the 2016 Microsoft Tech ED already.

Integration of Hololens Mixed Reality Technology and BIM System

This project is a 3D app used when visiting the building exhibition hall of Shanghai Baoye Group Corp., Ltd. Visitors can browse virtual 3D building model, observe pipes, steel and other structures inside the building and operate the model via Hololens (mixed reality glasses). Shinetech is responsible for providing the customer with model presentation, human-computer interaction, matching of virtual model with realistic scene and other technical supports, as well as the development of the entire app, both parties will deepen the cooperation and jointly explore further practical application of mixed reality technology in the field of construction engineering.

Presentation of Home Decoration Model Using Mixed Reality Technology

With the aid of 3D modeling and virtual reality technologies, customers can use virtual reality or mixed reality glasses to observe the effect after construction as if they are personally on the scene, which is helpful for interior designers to better understand customers' preferences and needs and for decoration companies to improve deal closure rate and customer satisfaction.