IoT Application Development

iot application development

Internet of Things provides numerous new opportunities from improving and simplifying our everyday life to generating efficiencies and value for business operations. Smart homes, health monitoring, use of sensors and analytics to make smarter decisions all use the power of connected devices. The potential to transform the way we work is right here and starting with Internet of Things application development can turn your ideas into the next big thing.

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    For 15+ years we have been building business critical applications for our clients. Applications that improve their operational efficiency, help connect their services and customers and introduce innovation to their new products. We already have extensive experience in all the critical components of an IoT platform – hardware (through our development partner), cloud software, analytics and web & mobile application interfaces – so it is only natural we expanded to offering IoT solutions.

    All our developers have full stack technical capabilities and an Agile mindset to help you explore all the possibilities for your IoT applications. Our development teams have been working on several exciting projects in the past years, bringing the “smart” to life in the applications.


    We have partnered with an Australian company to create an intelligent farming system that combines IoT technology, web apps and GPS data to achieve intelligent farming cultivation.
    We are work with an eCommerce technology provider on a large project for the IoT interface. This solution ties together the Android front-end, IoT message broker and AWS Services.
    Shinetech is developing core components for a smart mattress, connecting a sleep monitor with sensors embedded in the mattress. The mission is to address sleep problems with smart hardware.


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