Custom Application Development


Technology is becoming even more important in business success, it can provide the needed advantages to stay on top of your business and remain competitive. Shinetech application development services can provide you custom applications that fit your unique requirements and support for your business, by offering smart solutions to optimize the processes, improve productivity and streamline operations. We use the latest development methods in building scalable and stable software solutions, giving you the confidence and the quality of work you can expect from a trusted provider.

shinetech experience. your platform for transformation.

In the past 16 years, Shinetech has accumulated extensive experience in many industries and business domains. We can work with your development team to complete a project, or start from the requirements analysis stage and take responsibility for the entire development cycle, including ongoing maintenance. We use industry best practices in software development and we ensure that the entire development process is transparent, with frequent deliveries and reviews.

Our development teams are technology experts. You can rely on them to quickly deliver results and develop strong, collaborative relationships with you. People make the difference – that’s our code.

Type of solutions we provide:

  • E-commerce development

  • Online platforms

  • Reporting systems and data mining

  • IoT and Cloud-based applications

  • ERP development

  • Booking and reservation systems

our development expertise

We have created hundreds of amazing software applications. Our expertise in cloud apps, web and hybrid application development and our team of highly skilled back-end developers will ensure all your applications are also built on a scalable and stable foundation.


We deliver dynamic and responsive front-end web solutions that allow you to realize your digital strategy and meet the needs of a modern robust business.

HTML/CSS, JavaScript,
Node js, AngularJS


Users and consumers expect easy to use mobile apps. We create intuitive, functional apps that empower you to reach your audience effectively and stay productive.

Native Objective-C, Swift,
Java, C#, Hybrid


Our expertise can help you create solutions that improve your operational efficiency, enable quick decision making and address the specific challenges and opportunities in your line of business.

.NET Java Ruby PHP

how we do it

First of all, we know what we are doing. We listen to your requirements to understand the business purpose and then suggest the best technical approach to developing the applications. Our teams are very agile, and everything starts with prioritizing the requirements into multiple iterations that have comparably short development cycles. We will frequently review all progress with you and deliver usable, tested pieces of software per iteration. The process is completely transparent, and changes can be quickly incorporated into the backlog.


Contact us to discuss about your specific application development needs and to find out more about our services and delivery models. We offer a free consultation and a one week trial period.