If you are seeking an exciting work environment with opportunities for innovation, learning and career growth,
JOIN Shinetech!

Shinetech provides its team members with an innovative, supportive and flexible working environment. We respects and values our employees' independence and creativity and provide an easy and comfortable working environment for them to utilize their talents.

At Shinetech Software, a global software outsourcing company headquartered in Beijing, we recognize that our employees are a vital asset, providing the key link between technology and solutions. Our culture encourages self-development, collaboration, and leadership in an environment where continuous improvement flourishes. We are committed to cultivating the best developers in China.

You might be a technical expert, the head of a business unit, the manager of a branch in China or abroad, or the pioneer practitioner of a new development methodology. In Shinetech, there are many possibilities. We are passionate about helping you to achieve your full potential.

With onsite engineers in offices in New York, London and the 16 branch offices distributed throughout China, we provide software development services for our clients worldwide. It is common for our developers to work with the top software engineers in America, the UK, Australia, Norway, Switzerland and other European countries, using the advanced development methods and the latest technologies.

As an early Agile development practitioner in China, Shinetech has incorporated Agile methodologies throughout the company as both a mindset and a daily working method. 

We place an emphasis on education, and offer frequent training sessions on Agile development, English, and leading technologies. We are client-driven and passionate about providing superior service and solutions for our clients around the world.

If you are a self-starter who is eager to tackle software challenges in an environment that promotes growth, achievement, and service excellence, we encourage you to join Shinetech.