Agile is not just a development method

Developers with no Agile mindset performing Agile development would be a disaster. That’s why it is hard for Chinese and Indian companies adopting Agile in their software projects.

In software outsourcing area, it had been recognized as a culture difference, even language barrier issue. In western companies, Agile could just be a method for developers working together. In China and India, Agile mindset is a must-have for developers preforming Agile development.

Sometimes, team could be “managed” as “Agile process” without the mindset. They did daily standup meeting, Kanban, and iterations. We will know it is still not the real Agile, as there are so many problems, especially on quality. The reason is on people, not the method of process.

In fact, Agile is one of the best thing we learned from our outsourcing business, which started from 16 years ago. Our developers became easy communicated, more positive and self-managed when they start accepting Agile mindset.

Chinese developers with Agile mindset works in the same way with local developers in the US/Europe. With Agile mindset, our skilled developers could collaborate with clients, creating new value together. I don't think any pre-defined requirement would be good for collaboration. If the requirement document is clear enough for “estimate”, no more value could be added from developers.

The core value of our service came from people and Agile mindset. Agile development could only be performed by the Agile mindset developers. I believe Agile would be the future of software development. Our mission is to build an environment for the Chinese developers getting Agile. Our vision is making the best company for developers working and growing themselves.