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Java in Shinetech

Java in 2001

In 2001, when we founded Shinetech, Java was already six years in active use, and we began our software development journey with it. Due to the web’s expansion, Java became the most popular framework for building web-related software using JSP, JavaScript, and HTML. We used primarily Struts and EJB, combined with J2EE, to create enterprise-grade web applications and business information systems. Java brought increased productivity, asset digitization, and enhanced business system integrations for our enterprise clients.

Java in 2020

Fast forward to 2010, and Java was still the top programming language in the development world. By then, Shinetech developers already had more than ten years of continuous experience working with Java and were using the then-latest tech – SpringMVC and Hibernate – to create new enterprise-grade systems. Due to security enhancements, the Spring framework became the new standard by replacing Struts and J2EE. We updated our clients’ legacy systems to modern frameworks accordingly, added new features, and improved their efficiency.


Java is still going strong – it is among the top 5 languages with a community of over 5 million developers who help keep the Java software run smoothly. Today, legacy infrastructures may even be more capable than the companies realize. By combining Docker, Microservices, Angular, React, or Vue with the Java ecosystem, our developers can quickly modernize legacy systems.
And since Java is an ecosystem, Shinetech engineers that work with it do not master only one specific language. Having full-stack engineers highly proficient in both open-source and premium software enables you to add new features and efficiently upgrade your legacy systems. Our engineers also know how to work with Agile and DevOps methodologies, which allows them to build software and implement different solutions quickly.

Should you decide to bring dedicated Shinetech experts on board, you will have a team able to meet all your development needs cost-effectively.

Java technology updates:

Enterprise Java fromework
(Old and heavy)
Web Start
New Java ECO System
Spring MVC
Sprint Boot
docker development

Why should you partner with Shinetech for Java
software development 

Java software development requires experts that know how to use multiple tools and processes to create your software. Apart from using Java tools to their full abilities, our developers also bring other business-related benefits.

We offer a cost-effective way to enlarge your team

Having experts come into your development team means you don’t spend your budget on training, onboarding, and retaining. Shinetech dedicated Java developers already have the necessary experience to make your project a success.
And, you can see us how we work through a risk-free one-week trial.

Demonstrated ability and plenty of expertise

Our Java dedicated developers have already demonstrated their knowledge and proved they can effectively and efficiently handle remote development. So far, we have helped medium and large enterprises build complete eCommerce systems that span across different platforms, updated several legacy systems, and we continue to make the most of Java.

To start your free trial , just get in touch, and we will be happy to arrange it.

We champion absolute transparency

Shinetech Java development teams work in total transparency so that you can always track your software through its development stages. As the product owner, you are included in the entire product development – from planning, through iteration, to progress reviews. This approach allows you to keep a close eye on your enterprise’s Java software’s costs, iteration, and progress.

Continuous learning as the way of boosting competences

All our developers follow the practice of continuous learning. It reduces training costs on the one hand and, on the other, helps Shinetech developers quickly master a new technique or a skill. With continuous learning, as our client, you can rest assured that our developers have all the skills needed to make your project a success.

Shinetech gurantee

Should you decide to hire Shinetech as your software development partner and bring our expert Java developers into your team, we will make sure you will be satisfied with your new software.

To make sure we are the right fit for you, we provide a completely free one-week trial. This test run lets you see how exactly we work, and you can decide if our approach to your business is the right one.

We ensure that we meet your development goals during our iteration cycles and produce software up to the highest standards. However, if you are, for any reason, not satisfied with the outcome of the latest iteration, we will provide a full refund for the latest iteration cycle, no questions asked.

You can see everything Shinetech Java developers do because our processes are fully transparent. We also create a high-integrity code that is agile and easy to understand, has the necessary security, and meets all regulations and standards. This way, we can address and solve code defects sooner and upgrade the software quickly.

In order to prevent code and information leaks, all our developers sign non-disclosure agreements. It is an additional step to make sure none of your intellectual property finds its way out unintentionally.

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